Monkeying Around

March 28, 2021

Today we brought Juliette to the zoo. Witnessing the world through her eyes is so incredible. Watching her excitement as we walked by the monkeys and her eyes light up at how large the giraffes are was so fun! The zoo provided a lot of fun activities for her including her first merry go round ride where she yelled “weee” the entire time and clapped at the end. She tried her first few bites of ice cream and was able to run around a lot. After we strapped her into her car seat after the zoo trip she was asleep within minutes. Today’s win was experiencing my granddaughter’s first trip to the Zoo. There were so many special moments and I’m grateful I got to be a part of it

4 thoughts on “Monkeying Around

  1. What wonderful memories you are making with your granddaughter! My grandparents lived in Greece, so my memories with them were limited to every few years. Take pictures, write it down, and share these wonderful memories with her as she gets older. These moments will be lifetime treasures for her!

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  2. This will be such a fun writing piece to share with your granddaughter yesrs from now!! SO glad you took time to write about it and added the details of animals seen and actions made on the merry-go-roound. Definitely a win!!


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