A Day in the Park

March 29, 2021

Another beautiful sunny day in the desert. It is best to go out earlier with Juliette, as it is cooler in the morning. This morning we take her to the park. She is excited and full of energy. She runs to her favorite swing and she is smiling ear to ear. She loves to be pushed on the swing and I love catching her feet as she comes back to me. She shows me that she is done with the swing by using sign language “all done”. Her next favorite at the park is the slide. She gingerly climbs the stairs and stands above the slide. She is reminded to sit at the top of the slide before going down. Juliette is a little insecure going down the slide alone and she holds her mother’s hand, as she flies down the slide. I am at the bottom to see her big smile and to catch her. She runs to climb the stairs again. Ah, the energy she has! We end our adventure with a picnic in the shade to cool down.

Today’s win was being reminded ow a simple outdoor activity can really brighten my day. As we are approaching spring in Illinois, I will make an effort to get out more.

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Park

  1. My favorite image you captured here is Juliette at the top of the slide, grabbing Mom’s hand, and then letting herself go right into you arms! Three generations celebrating in one image!


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