March 30, 2021

Today, was an “adult only” day. We had breakfast with Juliette and she did not disappoint with her giggles and wanting more blueberries. We decided to leave early this morning and drive south through the desert to Tucson, as our youngest daughter attended the University of Arizona. It was great to reminisce about our past trips when we came to see her when she was in college. We stopped at one of her favorite restaurants on campus, Frog & Frikin for appetizers. We loved being able to sit outside as we ate our appetizer and take in the view! Then we took a walk around campus. Taking in all the stunning view of the desert with large mountains surrounding the campus. We can understand why she loved it here so much, as this is one of our favorites. After visiting the campus, we ended the day with one more stop…In N Out. It wouldn’t be a trip out west without a stop for one of their burgers! They are famous out west and tasty because the never freeze the meat they use. After our burgers we headed north back to Phoenix in hopes to make it back in time to give Juliette a hug goodnight.

Today’s win was being able to revisit Tucson. It’s a place that we love dearly and we miss visiting.

5 thoughts on “Wildcats

  1. Glad you started the day with a dose of Juliette! The visit to favorite places is always special! Stopping to eat at ole’ favorite is a must! If I ever head out west and see an In N Out, I’ll remember to stop for a burger!!


  2. Sounds like a perfect adult day out! I love visiting my college. Wrapping up the day with a good night hug was a great ending!


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