One Last Win

March 31, 2021

Today, I’m reflecting on my day as I have for the past month trying to think of something to write about as my “win” for the day. Participating in “Slice of Life” was way outside of my comfort zone since I struggle with writing. What I feel most proud of today is completing 31 blog posts in a month. This is a major win for me—as I’d never written a blog before in my life! Another win that I’ve taken from participating is being forced to reflect upon each day and realizing I can find some good in every single day…even the REALLY long and cold ones! It’s easy to get down and feel like the world is up against you, but with a shift in perspective you realize there is always some sort of good you can be grateful for. I hope to continue reflecting each day as time goes on and to always find my special “win” no matter how big or small.

3 thoughts on “One Last Win

  1. Congratulations, Cin! I absolutely agree that finding a win every day is an invaluable gift to our mindsets! I started everyday reading your slices and your stories started my day off just right! You are a writer and you have incredible stories to tell! Thank you for sharing little pieces of you all month — I hope to “see” you on Tuesdays for the Tuesday slice of Life! YAY YOU!!! Happy Easter — enjoy those days with Juiliette!!


  2. Congratulations!!!! So many wins this month recorded in your first-ever blog. So much to celebrate!!
    I am Sally, a teacher in VA for the past 28 years and 8 years ago, I learned of this challenge and was teaching writing to 4th graders and thought I’d give it a try. I remember how exhausting I felt that year, trying to figure out what to write each day. I love how you started with a theme – a daily win. Such a smart move to give yourself a lens to help as you fill the blank computer screen which can feel daunting. I volunteered to be on the Welcome Wagon and happily was assigned you! I apology for not daily reading and then reading 4 in a row and leaving a cascade of comments. Not sure if that helped to keep you going. This pandemic has messed with my focus so my daily time as a slicer became limited this year. So even now, you are getting this a day late. Sorry. But still know I sincerely enjoyed reading your slices. I hope the remaining time visiting with Juliette is lovely. And do consider returning here on Tuesdays throughout the year and next March. Writing helps us in so many ways. And documenting a win definitely is good for your writing soul and for your readers. So glad we “met” here.


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